Video of DC Peace March – January 27, 2007

This video joins 10 clips together to give a sense of this historic event, on January 27, 2007, which brought about 500,000 people to DC to march on the Capitol.

The video starts with a short clip of the intended ‘head’ of the march, with celebrities and politicians. A large swarm of photographers and videographers were jostling for position in front of the formation, which was behind a yellow taped in area. When the formation started to move, it took baby steps with the photographers walking backwards, clicking away. Hundreds had now gathered in the street – in front of the ‘head’ – ignoring pleas from march marshals to get up on the curb and “fall in behind” the celebrity formation. On the other side of these hundreds, the police escort then started up their engines, and these hundreds became the actual head of the march, with the celebrities coming up behind with their big banner.

The clip captures several energetic large contingents – the Service Employees International Union, the Campus Antiwar Network, and the International Socialist Organization. There are also people of all sorts marching, along with stilt walkers, puppets, etc.

This is only a taste of the march. It was huge.

To download a high quality version of this video (mp4 file – 21 mb), right click the following link and save to disk:

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