End the Occupation Packs House at Busboys

On January 27, 2007, 500,000 marched against war and occupation in Washington, DC. After this mass demonstration against the war, Kelly Dougherty, co-founder and Executive Director of Iraq Veterans Against War, and Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal, spoke at the Bus Boys and Poets cafe. Their talks followed an incredible performance of songs by activist/hip hop artist Son of Nun.

Son of Nun performs “Speak on It”

Kelley Dougherty, Iraq Veterans Against the War

Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

In a moving, personal message that give a glimpse of the everyday tragedy of this war Dougherty recounted her experiences as a US national guard MP in Iraq. She gave witness to the miseries endured by the Iraqi people, and the relentless pursuit of profits in Iraq by companies such as KBR.

Arnove spelled out the disastrous consequences of this war, for the Iraqi people and the US, and made the case for immediate withdrawal of occupation forces, with reparations. (The video of his presentation is also on Google at

Son of Nun, the activist hip hop artist from Baltimore, performed 3 stirring pieces. Watch for video of his song about Katrina!

Andy Shallal, owner of Busboys and Poets, and Pamela Pinnock, Events Manager, introduced the program and served as hosts to an overflow audience, with people sitting on the stage. Michele Bollinger of the International Socialist Organization, which organized the event, served as moderator.

Learn more about the International Socialist Organization at https://www.internationalsocialist.?org and read news on the world and the movement at https://www.socialistworker.org

Learn more about Iraq Veterans Against the War at https://www.ivaw.org

See Son of Nun’s website at https://www.sonofnun.net/

Learn more about Busboys and Poets at https://www.busboysandpoets.com

The video was produced by Traprock Peace Center; Sunny Miller and Charles Jenks filmed and recorded the event. Find comlete coverage of this program and the days peace march at https://www.traprockpeace.org

Thanks to YouTube and Google for hosting the video!