Give Shoes to President Bush

Give Shoes to President Bush Muntadhar al-Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist working for the TV channel Al-Baghdadia, gave his shoes to President Bush on December 14. In this season of giving, should we do no less? According to CNN, “reports suggest that al-Zaidi knows firsthand the anguish of the Iraq war. Al-Zaidi was kidnapped in November… Continue reading Give Shoes to President Bush

Comdemning the Mumbai Attacks

Editor’s Note: I condemn the Mumbai attacks and offer my condolences to the victims and their loved ones.It is with profound sadness that I have read accounts of ordeals of the victims. This website has stood against wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the occupation of Palestine; it stands against all war, terror and injustice.… Continue reading Comdemning the Mumbai Attacks

NY Times Praises Wall Street Greed

The New York Times and other mainstream media are reporting that the top seven execs at Goldman Sachs have foregone their year end bonuses. The NY Times doesn’t mention that there are 443 partners at Goldman Sachs, leaving 436 who could still be eligible for bonuses, that were to average over $4.5 million per partner… Continue reading NY Times Praises Wall Street Greed

Obama Web Plans Unprecedented

[Ed. Comment: Obama’s victory offers opportunities for organizing with grassroots activists for real change. The Obama organization, meanwhile, is planning to continue to organize Obama’s followers using their massive private web networks and databases. We may see something we have not seen before where the President has his own private system of communicating and organizing… Continue reading Obama Web Plans Unprecedented

Dahr Jamail Eyewitness to Occupation

Dahr Jamail on Iraq Eyewitness to Occupation at Socialism 2008 [googlevideo][/googlevideo] “Over half the total population of the country are either refugees, in need of emergency aid or dead.” Dave Jamail gave a riveting talk on the occupation of Iraq at Socialism 2008 in Chicago on June 20. (Websites may embed this video.)

The Big Voice by Kathy Kelly

August 9, 2008 The Big Voice by Kathy Kelly About six months ago, Dan Pearson, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, swiveled around in his office chair in our tiny “headquarters” to ask what we thought about organizing a walk from Chicago to St. Paul, arriving just before the Republican National Convention. (see Our… Continue reading The Big Voice by Kathy Kelly

Pictures From Summer Camp by Kathy Kelly

Pictures From Summer Camp by Kathy Kelly July 27, 2008 At 6:45 a.m. this morning, our friend, Joel Gulledge, called from At-Tuwani, a village in the West Bank where he and another Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT) member were escorting Palestinian children to a local summer daycamp, protecting them from hostile Israeli settlers. A masked settler,… Continue reading Pictures From Summer Camp by Kathy Kelly

Dave Zirin at Socialism 2008 on Peoples History of Sports

Hear Dave Zirin give a terrific and humorous talk on The People’s History of Sports. It’s packed with insights and little known history about sports in the US. [googlevideo][/googlevideo] He spoke at the Socialism 2008 conference in Chicago on June 21, 2008.