Israel’s use of DIME bombs in context of DU

We have published a new, important report by James Brooks on Israel’s use of exotic weaponry against Palestinians in Gaza. It is an extentively researched work, with over 50 links to resources (given the number of links, we make it available as a pdf file, rather than printed within the blog.) Brooks explores the nature and use of DIME bombs in the context of the long term use of uranium weapons – also highly toxic (as well as radioactive) – by the US.

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“Whether Israel’s new weapon is the Air Force’s DIME bomb or another similarly dreadful invention, the horrors unfolding in Gaza make it clear that “Focused Lethality” is a blood-drenched lie. It promises only a deadlier form of indiscriminate warfare.”

The DIME bomb has been under development by the US.

“US plans to explode payloads of cancer-causing genotoxic heavy metal powder “wherever and whenever necessary” may portend an escalation of a campaign currently limited to the vicinity of “hard targets” we attack with DU and NDU. Whatever we make of the intent behind these weapons, the habitual result is chemical-genetic warfare. It cannot be allowed to continue.”