Campus Antiwar Network Marches in DC

At YouTube

The Campus Antiwar Network brought hundreds of students into the Unified Youth and Student Contingent on January 27th in DC. The new SDS, World Can’t Wait and other groups joined in one of the largest contingents in the march, and clearly the largest student bloc.

This 8 minute video shows the march to the rally point on the Mall; the spirited rally with chanting and talks by students; and the contingent marching on Constitution Avenue toward the Capitol.

Download (right click) a higher quality version – mp4 file of 47 mb.

It was a day of affirmation for the student movement, and a signal that the movement is strong and gaining momentum.

CAN was conceived in October, 2002 and formed via joint sister conferences – in DC and San Francisco – on January 17, 2003. It has been the largest and most active student coalition since the start of the war against Iraq. CAN was founded by students, and it is run entirely by students. It is democratic, grassroots, independent and owns its own website, which it maintains itself. Its operations are overseen by a national coordinating committee which is elected by delegates at its national conferences.

Archives of CAN’s history is available at

For current activities and contact information, see its website at