Protesting Honorary Degree for Andy Card – Part 2

Petition to Revoke Offer of Honorary Degree to Andrew H. Card, Jr.

On May 15, 2007, students, faculty and staff protested the decision by the University of Massachusetts to give an honorary degree to Andy Card, and former head of the Bush Administration’s White House Iraq Group. Students held a rally outside the Whitmore administration building. When they went to enter the building, they found that the university had closed it. They then marched to the graduate school administration building and held a sit-in. They marched across campus to the Whitmore building, and heard from a university spokesperson – standing outside – that the university had not changed its mind. Students then marched around the administration building, symbolically knocked on the locked doors, and held a rally, with students taking turns speaking out.

Please call and tell Chancellor John Lombardi what you think – 413-545-2211.

This is Part 2 of the video coverage, from the statement of the university spokesperson to the end rally. Due to storms, we had difficulty uploading the longer Part 1 (which we were able to accomplish on May 16th.) We are also uploading a higher quality single video of the protest to Google.

Previously, on May 10th, more than 300 faculty, graduate and undergraduate students marched to Chancellor Lombardi’s office and demanded that University of Massachusetts administrators revoke the offer of the honorary degree.

Students are planning followup protests.

Video recorded and edited by Charles Jenks. © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved.