Condemning racism and the suggestion that genocide is an option

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October 7, 2005

by Charles Jenks

William Bennett, in his eye popping statement that aborting all black fetus’s would lower the crime rate, has been rightly condemned for racism. It’s amazing and revealing that he would think that genocide, which is the most grievous crime under international law, would lower crime. The paradox is obvious. In other words, how could one reduce crime by committing the highest crime possible against humanity? According to this way of thinking, black lives don’t count a whole lot.

Apparently for him, genocide would be an easier option for a government than ending racism in education and the economy. His suggestion of a Final Solution would create a whiter culture, one that is more homogeneous and obedient to its laws (to his way of thinking), while saving the government billions of dollars in social programs. Neo-Con is starting to sound like Neo-Nazi.

His statement is condemnable for many reasons, along with the every minute of the day racism that this society perpetuates.