Obama Web Plans Unprecedented

[Ed. Comment: Obama’s victory offers opportunities for organizing with grassroots activists for real change. The Obama organization, meanwhile, is planning to continue to organize Obama’s followers using their massive private web networks and databases. We may see something we have not seen before where the President has his own private system of communicating and organizing… Continue reading Obama Web Plans Unprecedented

Obama remarks at AIPAC Policy Forum

[PeaceJournal.org Editor’s Note: This website supports the right of return of the Palestinian people to their confiscated properties in Israel. Lasting peace can only be achieved if justice is achieved, starting with a recognition of all Palestinian rights. Let’s be clear as well that this website abhors and condemns the recent suicide bombing in Israel.… Continue reading Obama remarks at AIPAC Policy Forum

Sherry Wolf on the Long Term Struggle

Sherry Wolf, Editorial Board member of the International Socialist Review, asked activists to join the long term struggle at the plenary session of the Midwest Socialist Conference on November 3rd. [googlevideo]https://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4124556379331288380[/googlevideo] There are no quick solutions, she said. Making a commitment to the long term struggle is “the only way we are going to win,”… Continue reading Sherry Wolf on the Long Term Struggle

Eric Ruder on the weak antiwar movement

Original article in Socialist Worker Why is the antiwar movement so weak? October 12, 2007 ERIC RUDER analyzes the state of the national antiwar struggle and what lies ahead. SINCE THE start of the Iraq war, antiwar sentiment has grown dramatically in the U.S. In 2003, 23 percent of the U.S. population thought the U.S.… Continue reading Eric Ruder on the weak antiwar movement

Organized Money vs Organized People

Organized Money v. Organized People by Cindy Sheehan “At a time like this, scorching iron, not convincing argument, is needed.” Frederick Douglass“ Cindy’s campaign will prove that organized people can beat organized money” Reverend Lennox Yearwood; founder of the Hip Hop Caucus

Andy Jacobs exposes bi-partisan sellout of US

Andy Jacobs, former Indiana Congressperson, decried the unconstitutional and illegal war against Iraq and exposed the bi-partisan sellout of the US to foreign investors. Foreign investment – and US budget deficits – have financed US wars, including the war against Iraq. This sellout – started during the Reagan administration – rescinded tax withholding from foreign… Continue reading Andy Jacobs exposes bi-partisan sellout of US