Camilo Mejia and Martin Smith on Soldiers Against the War

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(Videos Originally published November 9, 2007)

Camilo Mejia, Iraq veteran and Chair of Iraq Veterans Against the War, gave with workshop with Martin Smith (Midwest Coordinator of IVAW) on “Soldiers Against the War from Vietnam to Iraq.” (22:22 minutes)[googlevideo][/googlevideo]Martin Smith, Midwest Regional Coordinator of Iraq Veterans Against the War, gave the second presentation. (22:17 minutes) [googlevideo][/googlevideo]This meeting was one of many educational programs offered at the Midwest Socialist Conference, held at the University of Illinois at Chicago, November 3-4, 2007.Visit the website of Iraq Veterans Against the War and read Socialistworkerfor more information on this topic.Video © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved. Websites may embed with video for non-profit use.